Trick or treaters
Trick or treaters

For Teesside University's Yearly concept art Halloween competition I entered 3 characters I dreamed up for drawloween 2015.
With a bit of a facelift and some new techniques. I did the entire process on my Ipad pro, using Easy Poster and Procreate.
I was voted in 2nd place by my kind co-students! :)

I wanted to include some storytelling so from left to right they are: Woni, Minty, Krill.
Woni found her outfit on a recommended ad on GikGok, it said adult but it fit a young goblin. Strange but fortunate!
Minty likes Monsters inc, but she believes they'd do be better in that world without coaches. Let the talent manage on their own.
Krill tumbled down a hill, lost his candy and smashed his helmet. (A stolen fishbowl, don't ask about the fish).

I maintained the Monsters Inc reference. Sorry about the Mike bag, he has a zipper so it's not grim :p

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